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Web Development

JRS Media Group is committed to WordPress and Drupal Web development because of their vast international network of developers and for their flexibility and sophistication as a content management system. A content management system (CMS) is imperative for an organization that needs to streamline communication efforts. The management and publishing of content online is a standard request of clients.

Advantages of WordPress or Drupal Web Development:

  • Enables Ease of Use: A web design developed on the either content management system gives control to our clients. Without becoming experts in the web development language or technology, our clients are empowered to create and distribute content instantly.
  • Enables Collaboration: Additional accounts can be set up to accommodate multiple users so our clients can enable their team members to collaborate and populate information throughout the website.
  • Enables Third Party Integration: Both platforms can be extended to include any of a wide variety of third party modules including e-commerce solutions. E-commerce is the perfect way to extend your sales platform as part of a vibrant, virtual storefront equipped with unique customer accounts.
  • Enables Developer Flexibility: Based on our client’s needs for functionality and design, we can create completely custom websites because our developers have the freedom to manipulate the CMS as they need to in order to deliver effective solutions.