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Web Design

Web Design is more than just a clean layout, well-rounded information, and your logo. Great web design come about because we understand that this will be your business’s first impression for most of your customers and because we provide you with a strong optimization strategy for search engines. JRS Media Group provides individuals and companies with web designs that reflect their unique industry expertise and their personality.

JRS Media Group’s web design philosophy is based upon these development pillars:

  • First Impressions: First impressions matter!  For many of your potential clients, your website will be the first thing about your company that they will see and you want to make sure your website immediately indicates the qualities and strengths your company has to offer.
  • Usability:  Good web design is created with the convenience and ease of use for visitors at the forefront.
  • Strong Content Designed for SEO: JRS Media’s content strategy revolves around carefully selecting keywords and dispersing them naturally throughout the pages of your website. This ensures that the search engines notice your site and place it higher in their rankings.
  • Clean & Modern Aesthetic: There is no substitute for the work done on your website by an outstanding graphic designer. The design of your homepage will be judged like the cover of a book and your cover has to be great!